The sea and land fragrances of the Peninsula of Sorrento may be found in the typical cuisine of the Campania Region served by the restaurant of Hotel Margherita to its guests and to anyone that wishes to try the traditional dishes of the Amalfi Coast

Fish and meat, vegetables and citrus fruits, DOP labelled olive oil and DOC labelled wines, cheeses and typical cold cuts are all the fresh seasonal ingredients used by the restaurant's chef to prepare unforgettable dishes, unique in flavor and tradition. 

The guests of Hotel Margherita may enjoy the menu of one of the most appreciated hotels with restaurant in the Amalfi Coast that offers four courses, each with four selections to choose from, or they may enjoy the a la carte menu that also proposes tasting of typical cheeses and cold cuts (provolone del monaco, mozzarella campana, sopressata ect.).

Specialties of Amalfi, Positano, Praiano are the main highlights of the menu accompanied by 100 different types of Italian and Campania Region wines from the wine list. The beer list with over 30 labels and a great selection of whisky, rum, brandy, cognac, armagnac and calvados complete the restaurant's proposals.

Restaurant Hotel Margherita

  • 80 covers
  • A la carte menu
  • Specialties of the Amalfi Coast
  • DOC labelled wines
  • Beer selections
  • Spirits selections