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5 days on Amalfi Coast

5 days on Amalfi Coast

It’s time to take a real vacation. Here are our suggestions to get the most out of your 5 days trip to the Amalfi Coast..

If you are thinking that it’s time to take a real vacation and you are tired of hit and run getaways, then here you will find everything that will make you spend 5 days on the Amalfi Coast, completely forgetting about the frenetic pace of your everyday life. 5 days on the Amalfi Coast are ideal, in fact, not only if you are tireless itinerant travellers always looking for new experiences and discoveries, but also if you want to slow down, take a break and indulge in moments of relaxation and contemplation.

To begin with, we suggest you to read our guide dedicated to visiting the Amalfi Coast in 3 days with out-of-the-ordinary experiences that will not make you feel lazy !


To add further stimuli to your days, below we recommend other unique activities of their kind to enrich your travel program along the Divine Coast.

Day 4 >

Today is the big day that will put your skills as hikers and cooks to the test, but above all it will be a day dedicated to the true discovery of the most authentic territory of the Amalfi Coast, the one that grows and blooms spontaneously among nature.

You will meet Giacomo Miola, Vice President of Slow Food Italy. Chef and food designer, above all a great expert of the Amalfi Coast and its fresh foraged ingredients that grow spontaneously along the cliffs and paths. He will teach you how to recognize and use them to create real 100% Amalfi gastronomic delights.

Gastronimic Trekking Amalfi Coast

Gastronomic Trekking, founded by Giacomo, is a unique experience that allows each participant to be an active and dynamic part in the discovery of the territory, overcoming the sense of passive enjoyment of the places as a mere tourist.

Today you will learn so many things that you’ll bring back home with you for your own benefit. You will take part to an outdoor healthy activity, you will discover the simplest and most uncontaminated nature, you will recognize the wild herbs that grow along the coast, you will learn how to use them to cook delicious and genuine dishes.

You will start in the mid-morning for a walk along the paths of Praiano guided by Giacomo and his tema, up and down along the coastal paths, with their luxuriant vegetation, framed by the sea and the cliffs that open at your feet. Along the walk you will learn to recognize the herbs that grow spontaneously, their incredible peculiarities, and you will collect them for preparing some dishes to be enjoyed during a cooking lesson which will be held on the panoramic terrace of the M'Ama Restaurant, followed by a social lunch. The Gastronomic Trekking on the Amalfi Coast is not just an educational and fun activity, it is an ethical way to enhance the territory, involve visitors together with the local agri-food producers’ community. 

During the 4/5 hours that you will spend with Giacomo and his team, you will enhance your personal well-being thanks to the physical activity, the beauty of nature, the knowledge of the local culture, the gastronomic flavours, and the social connections.

If we are what we eat, there is no doubt that during this experience you will feed on so much good energy for your body and mind!

Day 5 > 

We always hear about numerous excursions and boat cruises in every town along the Amalfi Coast and therefore it might seem that this one we are going to offer you is more or less like any other. But no!

Frankie Boatours is a small family business headed by Gennaro and Victoria. This couple are the essence of an experience which gives the Tourist an authentic adventure along the Amalfi Coast, yet amalgamating them with the locals. It is the story of Gennaro and Victoria itself that makes a boat experience with them so special. The romance between Gennaro and Victoria was born on the Amalfi Coast, where they met, reminiscent of all cinematographic legends. He authentically from Praiano, she originating from London, they met and fell in love almost 10 years ago, right here in Praiano.

But this is not legend, This is real life. Victoria abandoned her metropolitan life almost immediately and moved to Praiano. Together they created their miracle family (that’s another story) and with their joint entrepreneurial spirit, which has above all else, concentrates on bringing together the locals with the travellers, with 5 star service all the way. To visit a tourist hot spot does not have the same perspective if you do not experience it with the local folk too, who are always ready with open arms to welcome and introduce you to the true local character of one of the most beautiful places on earth.

The glue between Gennaro's excellent knowledge of the Amalfi Coast and the hidden gems on sea and Victoria's organizational efficiency is undoubtedly their sunny, welcoming and friendly natures, which makes you feel immediately at ease and among new firm friends. And what could be more beautiful than enjoying a day on a boat with friends who will also introduce you to the most beautiful places whilst keeping you entertained and relaxed throughout your voyage.

With Frankie Boatours you can decide whether to take the Capri Tour for a dip in the emerald waters of its’ caves, sail along the entire coastline with a 360 tour of the island to admire its natural landscape; or discover the Amalfi Coast with all the grottos, beaches and more secluded coves that are only reachable by the sea. Whichever one you choose you can visit the coolest beach bars and sample the freshest seafood at some of Gennaro’s favourite sea-front restaurants and even have him order off menu for you or perhaps speak to Victoria who will happily organise a party or a lunch, taking care of every detail and perhaps have a celebration in the middle of the sea for a special occasion. Whatever you do, Frankie Boatours will be the highlight of your trip.

The panorama of possibilities is wide and satisfies all tastes. For our part, what we suggest you absolutely do not miss in the 5 days on the Amalfi Coast is to admire it from the sea, the essential element of its past, its present and its future, always respecting its fragile balance.



Ask our team for any information, suggestions and advice to make the most of your 5 days on the Amalfi Coast!

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