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Cooking classes on the Amalfi Coast with Margherita

Cooking Classes on the Amalfi Coast

Scopri il nostro corso di cucina in Costiera Amalfitana! Nonna Margherita ti guida attraverso un fantastico viaggio culinario!

Our cooking class on the Amalfi Coast is in the hands of a unique and passionate woman: grandma Margherita! The charm of this event dates back to the 1960s,

when Margherita, returning from New York after a few years of immigration, managed to pass on her culinary secrets with her first restaurant: the Beach Bar, located on Positano's beach.

Her verve, mixed with a contagious sympathy, always discreet and elegant, makes her a smiling presence that interacts with the guests by showing off her English and transmitting her love for the food creation, inside the ancient family tower.

Even if Margherita’s role at the Beach Bar was taking care of customers and hospitality, she often ended up cooking, because she didn't lack the skills and, taking advantage of the advice of her mother Anna, she prepared traditional Mediterranean dishes and delicacies such as the homemade tagliatelle.

The Hotel Margherita was founded in 1971. The year is the one that marks also the birth of Margherita’s second daughter, Suela, that today welcomes all the guests with a smile, at the front desk of the hotel.

Today, in our hotel in Praiano, the cooking class of grandma Margherita is a tale of the soul, in which thoughts and words merge with different cultures and with the precious suggestions to recreate the experience of the dishes of the Amalfi Coast.

Margherita's experience will take you by hand and lead you to discover the flavors of the Amalfi Coast, that you can enjoy at the end of the lesson - scheduled at 11.00 am with reservation required -on the terrace of our restaurant M'ama! toasting with a glass of wine or with your favorite soft drink.

The cooking class is open to everyone and every step in the preparation of the dishes takes place through thoughtful and dedicated teaching.

In these times of culinary tricks and nouvelle cuisine, always appreciable, “nonna” Margherita will guide you in an authentic experience, in full harmony with your stay on the Amalfi Coast.

Time is the most precious value that life gives us! You just need to use it well to learn something new, to taste your new creations and get to know Margherita, you won't regret it!

Write us to add to your stay at the Hotel Margherita of Praiano the Cooking Class of Nonna Margherita!

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