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Scenic Drives Amalfi Coast Route 163

Scenic Drives Amalfi Coast Route 163

Rent one of our electric cars and drive along the Amalfi Coast scenic road 163 !

If you are preparing for your first trip on the mythical scenic drives on Amalfi Coast route 163 surely you have already let yourself be fascinated by the many images of the breathtaking views that unfold, curve after curve, along its more than 50 km. to drive.

From Positano to Vietri sul Mare the coastal scenic route 163, called by the locals "the Amalfitana", is the main artery that connects every small village on the Amalfi Coast.

Considered one of the most beautiful panoramic roads in the world, it is no coincidence that it is often chosen as a set for splendid spots with cars that caress with ease each of its sinuous bends and tunnels carved into the rock, while the sea below opens immensely to lapping dizzying cliffs.

All around the wild nature that proliferates luxuriantly, dramatically clinging to the leathery slopes within which it is carved - above the mountain with its gardens, vineyards and hanging lemon groves to degrade, under the sea with its ripples to break on the overhanging cliffs and caress the beautiful beaches in the shelter of secluded bays.

To build such a daring and amazing work, it took almost 20 years, in the first half of the 19th century, and it is no coincidence that in 1997 it was declared a "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO for the great cultural and naturalistic value it offers to the whole world.

Along its sinuous and unpredictable lines one can find all the meaning of the Mediterranean concept, witnessed by each of the 14 small villages that are set along its ridge. Positano, Praiano, Furore, Agerola, Conca dei Marini, Amalfi, Atrani, Ravello, Scala, Minori, Maiori, Tramonti, Cetara, Vietri sul Mare - from the westernmost point to the easternmost point. Driving along the scenic Amalfi Coast SS 163 route is one of the most beautiful car journeys in the world.

A journey dedicated to the 5 senses which combines the privileges of a beach holiday with those of a journey through the history and culture of a mythological and evocative land, suspended between sky and sea.

The mythical state road 163 of the Amalfi Coast by electric car

If you decide to leave your car home and enjoy a carefree and smog-free holiday on Amalfi Coast, at the Hotel Margherita we offer the possibility of renting our Fiat 500 electric car or our Twizy electric car , for one or more days, in order to experience the pleasure of driving on the legendary 163 route in an easy and eco-friendly way.

Agile and small in size, our electric rental cars allow you to maneuver with ease. At the hotel the electric charging station is always available . We chose the 500 Full Electric and the Twizy because we take care of the natural environment in which we are lucky enough to be able to welcome our guests. Electric does not mean with lower performance, on the contrary!

Our cars are equipped with a remarkable recovery, ideal even for the steepest climbs and has a long charging range, up to 300 km, in addition to the automatic gearbox and the guarantee of safety thanks to the automatic braking system in the event of an obstacle ( pedestrians, cyclists).

The price for the Fiat 500 daily rental is € 100,00 The price for the Twizy daily rental is € 80,00 (or € 10,00 per hour)

If you do not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of a car trip along the 163 state road of the Amalfi Coast, we suggest you to book the rental in advance, before arrival, so you can be sure to get availability according to your preferences.

Some itineraries along the Amalfi scenic road 163

From Praiano heading east Starting from the Hotel Margherita continuing in the direction of Amalfi you cross the suggestive bridge of the Fiordo di Furore and after another 2 Km you will reach the Emerald Grotto. In order to visit it just park in the parking lot on the street and take a lift that will bring you down to the grotto.

Amalfi is 10 km away. It is suitable to park immediately after the town center in the large Luna Rossa garage. Visit the Cathedral of Sant’Andrea and the Cloister of Paradise, a real corner of the east in southern Italy. In the historical center, also don't miss the Paper Museum and so for a stroll along the splendid scenery of the Valle dei Mulini (the MIlls Valley) which preserves important remains of the industrialization of the place in a splendid naturalistic setting. 1 Km after Amalfi, you will find a road on the left with the direction for Ravello. Once in Ravello, you can leave your car in a large paid parking lot. Vist the Duomo at the entrance to Ravello; Villa Cimbrone in the town center which is about 10 minutes away on foot with a splendid viewpoint, suspended between the sea and the sky, and statues from the Roman era and finally Villa Rufolo with its well-kept gardens, theater of summer concerts. Ravello is the city of music. Its dreamy atmosphere leaves you breathless. Continuing on the SS163 towards Salerno you can admire other enchanting places such as Minori with its splendid Roman Villa, a place of stay for wealthy ancient Romans, Cetara, a small fishing village with an exquisite tradition in the processing of tuna and anchovies and Vietri sul Mare, a town of artistic ceramics. During the journey it is possible to stop on sensational terraces overlooking the sea to admire unique views in the world and take wonderful photos.

From Praiano heading west Leaving the Hotel Margherita in the direction of Sorrento, you will arrive in Positano, which is 7 km away. By parking in one of the guarded car parks it is possible to walk towards the Spiaggia Grande di Positano and make a stop in the numerous shops along the pedestrian promenade. Do not miss the Church of Santa Maria dell'Assunta, with the majolica dome and the Black Madonna of the twelfth century, as well as the watchtowers such as Torre della Sponda, Torre Trasita, Mezzogiorno, Fornillo beach. </ p >


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