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Sea and beaches on Amalfi Coast

Sea and beaches on Amalfi Coast

Discover the best beaches on the Amalfi Coast close to the hotel with a range of unique and alternative sea holiday experiences.

Sea and breaches on Amalafi Coast offer a wide range of of unique or at least alternative experiences from the classic concept of a sea-side holiday. The Amalfi Coast with its rocky ridge that crosses it from Positano, Punta Campanella, to Vietri sul Mare is a succession of small beaches nestled between the cliffs overlooking the sea.

Enchanting places, not always easily accessible, and for this very reason loved by those who want to distance themselves from the chaotic coastal beaches of many other Italian sea-side destinations. The sea on the Amalfi Coast recalls myths and legends and so every small beach or cove that will magically appear, walking along the paths or descending from the many stairs set in the rock along the cliffs. I twill look like a discovery of a hidden treasure for those who will make heir way up and down the coastline.

The sea on the Amalfi Coast shines just like a precious stone, in some places like an emerald, in others like a sapphire and in others like aquamarine or turquoise, or again like an amethyst, and for the final finishing the sparkle of infinite diamond fragments on the surface.

One of the peculiarities of every beach on the Amalfi Coast is that each of the paths that you have to walk to reach them are themeselves an opportunity to discover stories, traditions, architectural jewels and treasures overflowing with wild and uncontaminated nature, placed to guard the sea for centuries, fearless witness of the passage of time up to the present day.

The coastal towers which are raised on the top of the cliffs and which constituted the defensive system, of defence and communication along the coastline of the kingdom of Naples, defensive bulwarks against the frequent Saracen and Corsair raids.

The villages and the ancient houses , suspended between sky and sea, set along the coast, leave you breathless for their brave posture among stairs that go up and down and invite you to take some time before reaching the beach that peeps out a little below .

The paths and “scalinatelle” - the long stairways carved on the rocks that ofently are the only access way to the sea of the Amalfi Coast - such as those of the Naturarte route - right in Praiano where the Hotel Margherita is located - a real open-air museum, inspired by the art of ceramics, which winds from the center of the town towards the sea. However, let's immediately dispel a preconception.

It is true that the beaches of the Amalfi coast are often located far from the roads and therefore not accessible by car, but for this reason they are real rarities, in a world too intoxicated by traffic noise and fumes. For sure by spending a beach day on the Amalfi Coast the sounds you hear and the smells you breathe are those of the sea . Here, perhaps accompanied by the scent of good food from the traditional cozy restaurants located on many of these beaches, feet in the water.

How to reach the beaches of the Amalfi Coast?

Let's start from Praiano which in addition to host many beautiful beaches, offers breathtaking views that make it famous all over the world. One of the most enchanting places on the Amalfi Coast is certainly the beach of Marina di Praia . Accessible via a short path that starts from the main road and ends with a short stairway.

Marina di Praia is enclosed between the rocky walls of a romantic valley. The ancient artisan activities have left the place for tourism, with the presence of bars and renowned restaurants, combining the pleasure of the amazing seaview with the good food. The only minor is that the sun touches the beack just in the central hours of the day due to the high rocky walls that delimit it on both sides. But even when the cliff protects it with its shadow, the spectacle and relaxation is guaranteed, scald-proof for those who are not really a fan of the sun. It is also a perfect place for a walk in the early morning or before sunset, following the path along the cliff that goes around the Saracen tower. One of the most romantic walks on the Amalfi Coast! Halfway through the route there is a crossroads that leads to the Torre a Mare, currently the artist Paolo Sandulli's atelier where you can't miss a stop. The place and its art are so special.

The beach is very easy to reach from the overlying state road 163 Amalfitana. Public transport covering the Amalfi - Positano route allows you to reach the beach with no trouble.

An electric shuttle is available for guests of the Hotel Margherita for both the outward and return journeys.

Our top beaches on the Amalfi Coast

The Gavitella beach

The name of Gavitella is a sort of endorsement of cava, it offers two unique advantages: a wonderful view of Positano, the Li Galli Islands and the 'Island of Capri and the opportunity to enjoy the sun until sunset , given the exposure to the West. Two advantages that will make you forget the long descent (and above all the ascent!) to face to get there. The shuttle of the Hotel Margherita is available to our guests to reach stop 7 in the center of Praiano, from where, reaching the Church of San Gennaro, a walk starts that leads to the stairs, until you reach the Ciottoli Beach. </ p>

Our shuttle service is also available from the hotel to Marina di Praia, where, upon reservation, a small boat shuttle connects to the Gavitella beach. So, don't worry! There is always the possibility of avoiding the wonderful 413 steps to walk up and down.

The Fiordo di Furore

A few kilometers from Praiano is one of the most evocative places on the Amalfi Coast.

Admiring the Fjord of Furore from above, stopping on the bridge of the coastal road, it is difficult to resist the temptation to go down and take a swim in the blue waters of the fiord, one of the most exciting places in the whole Gulf of Salerno. A staircase flanking the rock leads down to the beach. Frequented in the central hours of the day, when it is in full sun, the deep beach, about 25 meters long, has a pebble bottom. The fjord is an ideal place if you are looking for a little refreshment in the hottest hours, as due to its shape, it offers corners of shade and a feeling of coolness, ideal for very hot summer days. The Fiordo di Furore is also well known thanks to the international diving competition that takes place in the month of July, the Mediterranean Cup High Diving Championship.

To avoid guests the inconvenience of traveling by car or using the bus, Hotel Margherita offers a private shuttle to the Fiord, on request, departing at 10am in the morning from the hotel and return at 3 pm.

Marina di Arienzo

On the western side, however, it is possible to reach some small and enchanting beaches in Positano, using the Amalfi Coast Mobility Bus service which makes travel much easier and faster, avoiding the nightmare of parking in Positano.

Getting off at Arienzo stop, from the state road it is possible to reach the Marina di Arienzo , through 269 steps that offer a great panoramic suggestion. Legend says that the name Arienzo derives from the emperor Tiberius who built a mill here to produce bread and cereals. Today in place of the Mill there is a beautiful private villa. The beach facing South West has a width of about 90 meters. Enjoying direct light almost all day. From Piazza dei Mulini, in Positano it is possible to take the bus back to the hotel, getting off at stop 26, right in front of the hotel.

Central Beach of Positano

Using the Mobility Amalfi Coast public bus service it is also possible to reach the Central Beach of Positano from which the Via dei Positanesi d’America begins, a romantic panoramic path cemented among the rock and the sea with a view of Capri and the Li Galli. This path leads to Fornillo beach . There are several equipped beach clubs. A beach about 300 meters long in a beautiful inlet that ends by the Torre Trasita and the Torre di Clavel. Nearby there are also many celebrities villas such as the actor Alberto Sordi, the director Aldo di Benedetto, the painter Vincenzo Caprile and many others.

These are the closest beaches to Praiano where you can enjoy the Amalfi Coast sea while staying a tour hotel. By yhe way there is plenty of beaches on Amalfi Coast and there’s so much to enjoy by the sea for those who are willing to spend a longer holiday and want to discover different corners of the Amalfi sea every day,.

Just to list a few more, on the road to Amalfi, the Spiaggia di Santa Croce , Le Marinelle definitely deserve a stop. , as well as it is wellworth the Conca beach , You can decide to spend a day by boat to discover these ones. You can rent a self-driven boat or a boat with skipper. These places will remain indelible in your memory and the reflections of the sea of the Amalfi Coast will continue to shine in your eyes timeless.

Finally, it is suitable to take into account that during certain periods of the year you can enjoy these beaches with even greater intimacy and relaxation . Try a seaside escape on the Amalfi Coast in spring, April or May for the first dives of the season, rather than in September and October when the sea water temperature is warm thanks to the summer sun. The sun is less aggressive and it illuminates the sky, the coast and the sea, while the sea breeze leaves the summer heat, away from busy season bustle. This is the period in which, those who love to enjoy an active and relaxing holiday at the same time, can enjoy some of the most beautiful coastal walking trails o by bycicle and the bikers can enjoy moto turismo, the curves of the divine coast, an experience to make at least once in a lifetime.

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