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Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance in Praiano

Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance in Praiano

Our M’Ama! Restaurant embraces the Slow Food Cooks' Alliance project to enhance the products and producers of the Amalfi Coast!

M’Ama! Restaurant at Hotel Margherita in Praiano has embraced the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance project, which for over a decade has been active in 25 countries around the world. Both restaurateurs and consumers who support this project share the commitment for the protection of agri-food biodiversity, for the safeguarding of gastronomic knowledge and local cultures.

Always committed to the enhancement of quality raw materials - local, sustainable and seasonal - for the dishes of our restaurant we have always preferred the use of native Campania products, supplying ourselves from many small producers of regional excellences , to guarantee a fresh, genuine food and wine experience that carries the principles of true, always sustainable quality.

We think that any Guest who is preparing for a culinary experience in our territory, often the traveler from other regions or countries of the world, the culture of food is the very essence of the journey , together with the discovery and visit of a territory rich in artistic, historical and natural suggestions.

This is why we have chosen to maintain consistency on the plate with the beauty that each of our guests enjoys during a day's visit to the Amalfi Coast . Since 2022 we have decided to make our daily commitment official by joining the Alliance of Slow Food Chefs , with the desire to transmit knowledge, social cohesion, community building, sustainability of small-scale production, enhancement of the food artisans and winemakers of our rich region, Campania.

For guests who will sit on our panoramic terrace overlooking the sea, at the M'Ama! Restaurant in Praiano, we offer a Menu that we studied with our Chef Raffaele Mascolo so that each dish can tell the work and dedication of an excellent product of our land and our sea.

Depending on the availability of products and seasonality, our menus include Neapolitan papaccelle , butirri beans from Vico Equense or beans from Controne , the centogiorni peas , the giant lupins of Vairano , the walnuts of Sorrento and the apricots of Vesuvius .

Among the local products there are also Controne beans and Slow Food Sorrento nuts in the Pokè within our snack menu. We want breakfast, lunch or dinner at M’Ama! in Praiano to be a moment of discovering the goodness of our territory. On our menu you can find local products, Slow Food Presidia, products from the Arca del Gusto, the Earth Markets and the Slow Food communities of Campania.

Every day, selecting and purchasing the products of our territory, we also want to allow our Guests to be part of an ethic change. By doing this, those who choose to taste our menu know that they are also carrying out a small daily revolutionary act!

The values and principles that are the guiding thread of our choice for an ethical and local cuisine are: 1. We collaborate with farmers and breeders who cares about biodiversity; 2. We tell the story of our territory through our dishes; 3. We buy directly from local producers; 4. We write the name of the producers on the menu and gladly provide their contacts to our guests; 5. We use seasonal products; 6. We buy local fish from artisanal fishermen; 7. We are very careful not to waste food; 8. We support Slow Food

We think that even such an irreplaceable pleasure as that of food can and should be Good, Clean and Fair!

The M’Ama Restaurant is open every day for lunch from 12.30 to 14.30 and for dinner from 18.30 to 22.00.

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