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Trip to Villa Rufolo Ravello Amalfi Coast

Villa Rufolo Ravello Amalfi Coast

Discovering Wagner and the Grand Tour!!

During your holiday at the Hotel Margherita of Praiano, you will have the opportunity to cross the gateway of Villa Rufolo, considered to be one of the most precious jewels of Ravello and the Amalfi Coast.

The sculptures and the architecture in the gardens of the Villa, together with numerous panoramic spots that overlook the sea, make this place a compulsory visit during your holidays, today, just as it was in the past, when Ravello was included in the Grand Tour, the travel itinerary of the European aristocracy from the 18th century.

At Villa Rufolo poets and writers of every kind and from every historical period found their inspiration, but, in particular, we would like to mention the musical genius of Richard Wagner and his opera Parsifal: Klingsor's magic garden, the setting of the second act of his work, was based on these very gardens.

In memory of this, every year, in the garden of Villa Rufolo, the Ravello Festival takes place, dedicated to the famous composer from Leipsig. Wagner concerts and a rich musical repertoire are performed during the summer attracting a wider audience every year.

The luxurious vegetation, the exotic perfumes and the view of the Salerno Gulf will fill you with sensations you won’t forget, in the sublime mix between nature and art and in the silent presence of a millenary long history that has been witnessed by the medieval towers in the front of the Cathedral of Ravello.

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