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Wellness on the Amalfi Coast with Five Star Method

Wellness on the Amalfi Coast with Five Star Method

The Five Star Massage at the Hotel Margherita: outdoors, on a panoramic terrace, a real pleasure for our guests!

If you are looking for a stay dedicated to Wellness on the Amalfi Coast, we have an innovative offer for all the guests of Hotel Margherita, absolutely restorative: Five Star, the suspended massage.

A massage unique in its genre, exclusive and relaxing to do outdoors on a terrace with a splendid sea view!

We are talking about an innovative technique of sweet manipulation and stretching, performed by our expert masseurs Stefano and Valentina, that will have you suspended on the ground, through the comfortable sheets of a solid structure built on a sea view terrace, here in our hotel.

A different position for those operating the treatment, a comfy pose for you, good for your blood circulation.

Relax and enjoy this moment dedicated to your remise en forme, indulge in this pleasure during your vacation on the Amalfi Coast: at the end, here at Hotel Margherita, the best time is the one you use to take care of yourself!

The Five Star suspension is pure pleasure. While a new sense of wellness embraces your joints and muscles, the beneficial effects of this treatment go up to your heart, nourishing the soul facing a beautiful panorama. The result? You will want to do it again and again!

How was the Five Star massage born? “When you have a guest that is 2m tall and that weights 115 kg, wanting to have two massage sessions per day for 10 days, then you are in trouble” After four intensive sessions, Stefano decided to suspend his client with some sheets hanging from the gazebo where he was working. Before a leg, then an arm. And things went so smoothly that the result was there without saying. When your needs become virtues.

How long is the treatment? It lasts generally 1 h and it is absolutely customisable with what you need and desire.

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