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Amalfi Coast Lemon, a treasure from our land

Amalfi Coast Lemon

On the Amalfi Coast farmers fly!

If you had to think about the colours of the Amalfi Coast, the yellow colour of its lemons couldn’t be left out. Beyond the blue sky, and the blue sea and the numerous shades of green of the Mediterranean scrub, it is indeed the yellow of these amazing citrus which adds vitality and joy to the entire coast.

Along the paths that stretch from our hotel in Praiano towards the sea and the hills, the presence of lemons tells a millenary old history of work and labour. Growing lemons is a delicate process, which can only be carried out by real specialists, people who keep "the most prestigious lemon gardens in the world" with a P.G.I. certificate (Protected Geographical Indication) since 2001.

The flying farmers, as we call them here, look like they are floating on the leaves of the trees, whilst taking care, with their scythes, nets and other ancient instruments, of the lemon gardens and of the unique landscape that made this part of Italy one of the most favoured destinations for travellers from all around the world.

Old and new generations work from spring harvesting, with dozens of boxes weighing 50kg each carried on their shoulders along steep staircases, to autumn pruning and fixing of branches, which are bent one by one, secured to an arbour in order to face the cold season and wrapped in very thick black cloths.

The lemon tree, protected from winter temperatures, will start blooming again and giving us, day after day, its fruits created by the poetic harmony of a fragile ecosystem, yet cultivated by expert growers who are aware of its value, a value that is linked not only to our landscape but to our tradition, respecting our land as a common good. Growing lemons today means preventing lands from abandonment and from landslides, to keep the original colours and perfumes of the Amalfi Coast and to give the world a good example of coexistence between humans and nature.

Ask our staff for more information in order to learn more about the lemon cultivations on the Amalfi Coast as well as purchasing our main typical products such as our lemon marmalade, limoncello and the Amalfi sfusato lemon.

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