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Family-run hotel on the Amalfi Coast

Family-run hotel on the Amalfi Coast

It’s common that on the Amalfi Coast…

It's common that on the Amalfi Coast... almost all of the families have a unique story worthy of telling. Some of them come from far and beyond the borders, but ours comes from the Balkans, where our grandfather Domenico fought the second world war: his nickname was Cicciopeppe, because of the time he spent at the side of Francis Joseph of Austria.

Wounded in battle and thankfully helped by a brigade of Yugoslav resistance, he went through all sorts of danger, pain and, finally, love. Young Adele brought spring into his heart and he dressed her like a soldier in order to smuggle her across the border and into Italy.

Once they had arrived in Furore, in a wonderful small location, nearby where our family-run hotel on the Amalfi Coastis located, in Praiano, that feeling blossomed and the couple soon got married. From that marriage, in 1947 their first girl was born, Erminia, my mother.

Maybe it was because of the temperate climes, maybe the romantic atmosphere of the Amalfi Coast, whatever it was, the fact remains that from their love another eleven children were born in less than twenty years! I can’t even imagine the laughter and the noise coming from that house.

As years passed by, the children became men and women and the family grew even further in number, counting me as one of the newborns. Today I have 35 cousins, all deeply bound to one another with family ties.

The strong family bond has also allowed us to join our efforts in business, supporting important activities such as my aunt Marisa’s wine farm, one of the most important on the Amalfi coast - Cantine Marisa Cuomo, and my mother’s restaurant Hostaria da Bacco, an ancient and renowned restaurant of Furore, where she is the chef.

Also Hotel Margherita is run by this wonderful bond of people who have recreated a family environment in the hotel, a place where positivity, joy and openness are almost contagious: Francesco, Adele, Paola, Ilaria, Michela, Domenico, Gennaro, Giovanna, Adele II, have all worked or still work here, like Giulia, our housekeeper, and his son Francesco, maitre.

In a world that forces us to be frantic, divided and in competition, the only way out is to keep the values of family and relationships alive, dedicating time to them and giving them a central role in our lives.

This is the philosophy found at the basis of what awaits you during your holidays on the Amalfi Coast as guests of our family at the hotel Margherita of Praiano. "Having a place to go is having a home. Having someone to love is having a family. Having both is a blessing." (Anonymous) See you in Praiano, Andrea Ferraioli

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