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New Signature Cocktail Bar on Amalfi Coast

Signature Cocktail Bar on Amalfi Coast | Hotel Margherita Praiano

Discover the signature cocktails of the new Cocktail Bar of the Hotel Margherita and M'Ama! Restaurant in Praiano.

On the Amalfi Coast, summer will make everyone go crazy for the signature cocktails of the new Cocktail Bar of the Hotel Margherita and M'Ama! Restaurant in Praiano.

This year, guests will enjoy a new cocktails experience to cheer up their holidays on the Amalfi Coast. Signed by the young and enterprising Barlady Miriam Troccoli who, with her inventiveness and professional preparation, creates unique cocktails, real works of art, masterfully playing between the rediscovery of vintage techniques and molecular mixing practices.

Outgoing, creative and passionate about mixology, with a background of high-level studies, awards and industry recognitions, Miriam manages our cocktail bar and signs all the cocktails on the list. She translate into cocktails our philosophy of GOOD, CLEAN AND FAIR that characterizes the Slow Food cuisine of the M'Ama Restaurant!

For the purpose of offering an experience of discovery of Italian and Campania artisan products, starting from this year our drink list offers a journey through carefully selected distillates and spirits which, expertly mixed, give life to a journey between classic and contemporary, identifying the culture and tradition of our Divine Coast.

From traditional cocktails to signature cocktails, the watchwords are: local and sustainable! For this reason, in addition to the choice of spirits, all coming from Italian producers, each cocktail aims to the drastic reduction of food waste in their creation.

Even for the classic liqueurs for the most famous aperitifs and drinks, for which alternative labels replace the most commercial ones, such as for example the Bitter Roma and the Aspide Spritz by Silvio Casta, produced with natural herbs and botanicals, up to the Gin Bekerton from the oldest distillery in England which chose Italy to perfect its gin, everything speaks of Italian history and tradition.

For our signature cocktails, each drink is designed as a representation of the personality, history, traditions and illustrious persons of our beautiful country.

Here is a taste of the Signature Cocktails to sip on our Roof Top Terrace in Praiano, admiring the sunset all the way to the Island of Capri.


Dedicated to the Poli distillery which represents the Italian character in all its forms, the 1898 is a fresh and drinkable long drink. At its base is Poli Poli Grappa, an elegant distillate made with the pomace of black and white Pinot grapes, mixed with natural basil syrup, cedar water from the Calabrian “Magazzino Doganale”, lemon juice and fragrant Mediterranean tonic.

 O’ Sarracino

A truly special drink that takes inspiration from a famous dessert of the Amalfi Coast which is prepared on 15 August each year, with aubergines and chocolate. O' Saracino because, according to legend, it was the Saracens who brought aubergines to the Amalfi Coast.

Tennessee Whiskey, mostly made with a rye base which gives a spicy flavour, Kir, homemade Cordial made by our Miriam, aubergines, sugar, amaretto, chocolate. And precisely to make the most of local products, a dried wafer as a garnish, produced by reusing the residual water of the aubergines.


Miriam's favorite cocktail!

Inspired by the nickname of the daughter of Tina Modotti, one of the greatest photographers of the early 1900s, one of the few women appreciated in her time in a profession that was the prerogative of the male class, it is a drink with a spicy and smoky but fresh scent .

Mexcal in memory of the land where Tina ended her life, Mexico - where she met and became friends with women of the caliber of Frida Kahlo - coca buton - an ancient liqueur proposed today by the Montenegro group, saving the ancient derived recipe from the distillation of coca leaves - the homemade vintage Cordial, prepared by Miriam with cedar after a 36 hours of overall processing, in which the precious citrus fruit is macerated with sugar and then added with its own juice.

Revolutionary? Seeing is believing!


A cocktail dedicated to our M'Ama! Restaurant! couldn't be missing from the list! It is the representation of a fresh Negroni, the prince of cocktails, in a Mediterranean version.

Fat washing vodka with pistachio paste (velvety when tasted), Silvio Casta's white Bitter Roma with helichrysum and sea fennel flavours, a touch of dry Vermout and finally Silvio Casta's white Myrtle, made with the leaves and small white flowers of the myrtle.

The list of cocktails is long, and so as not to reveal them all, we conclude with a tribute to the great artist Modigliani, with a drink that recalls his nickname:


An Old Fashioned with Tobacco Syrup from Toschi, the only producers in Italy, Anicetta Varnelli, another historic Italian liqueur, Cherry Bitter, Ron Papa Doble Rum from Mercanti di Spirits, Tuscan Modigliani cigar smoking and as a garnish a natural Vignola cherry in spirit.

To discover these and many other cocktails and to spend a few special hours suspended between sky and sea, come and visit us on the Roof Top Terrace of the Hotel Margherita in Praiano on the Amalfi Coast.

Our Cocktail Bar is open every day from 12.00 to 23.00

Telephone: +39089874628
Whatsapp: +393337166631