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Pet-Friendly Amalfi Coast Holiday

Pet-Friendly Amalfi Coast Holiday

At the Hotel Margherita in Praiano we have a dedicated proposal for your pet-friendly Amalfi Coast holiday with suitable spaces and services.

Our proposal for a Pet-Friendly holiday on the Amalfi Coast. Traveling with your pets is not always easy and neither is finding the right pet-friendly destination.

Our well-being and that of our trusty pet are two essential values and not always easy to satisfy while traveling. At the Hotel Margherita in Praiano , in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, we are fortunate to have many opportunities to guarantee a relaxed and safe holiday for both pet-friendly and non-pet-friendly travelers, reserving suitable spaces and services for all our guests.

Our mascot, Frida, helped us choosing the best options to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation for everyone and not deprive us of the company of our best four-legged friends and let everyone experience the welcome of the Amalfi Coast.

Dogs and Cats welcome to Margherita di Praiano!

If you travel with your dog, a pet-friendly holiday on the Amalfi Coast will give you many experiences you can do together, and fantastic places to visit where even your trusty friend can find space and time to have fun.

Here is our guide for your pet-friendly holiday Our pet-friendly hotel services

How are we equipped to welcome you?

Pet-Friendly Rooms We reserve dedicated rooms for those traveling with their pets which have a small outdoor garden for exclusive use. Our rooms are soundproofed to ensure a peaceful rest for all. We take care of the daily cleaning of our pet-friendly rooms with specific tools and products to ensure the best possible hygiene.

Margherita Pet Box By booking on our official website or by email you can also buy our Pet Box, a kit dedicated to your pet including: Pet ball Pet bowl Dental bone Blister packs with 20 pieces

External gardens The hotel has large garden areas where you can enjoy some relaxation together with your 4-legged friends and in the Garden adjacent to our Roof Top Restaurant a space is dedicated for our trusted friends to play and have fun.

Common areas of the hotel Your 4-legged friends can keep you company in some of the common areas of the hotel, such as the panoramic terrace of the roof top restaurant which offers wide open spaces where everyone can live together in maximum comfort, while in other areas, such as the breakfast room or the swimming pool pets are not allowed to access and you can let them rest in your room

Places to visit on the Amalfi Coast with your dog

Il Vallone delle Ferriere Per gli appassionati di passeggiate all’aria aperta, il Vallone delle Ferriere, un facile percorso lungo 3 chilometri che vi porta verso i Monti Lattari, attraversando boschi di felci e costeggiando ruscelli di acqua cristallina, fino a scendere verso Amalfi, con viste panoramiche strepitose.

Vallone delle Ferriere For lovers of outdoor walks, the Vallone delle Ferriere, an easy 3-kilometer long route that takes you towards the Lattari Mountains, crossing fern woods and alongside crystal-clear streams, until descending towards Amalfi, with breathtaking panoramic views.

Conca dei Marini A walk by the sea, to discover the ancient fishing village with its white houses that are reflected in the water and its stairways "le scalinatelle" surrounded by the colors and scents of wild herbs.

Amalfi and Atrani Discovering the jewel of the Amalfi Coast, with its walk along the harbor to reach the nearby and connected Atrani, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, with its narrow streets, the only town on the Amalfi Coast to have preserved the real authentic typical aspect of the small fishing village.

Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone in Ravello Leash and sanitary bags and that's it. Even your trusty dog will be able to enter with you in the two emblematic places of the coast, Villa Ruffolo which directly overlooks onto the Amalfi coast, with its wonderful garden, the Soul Garden, and the Villa Cimbrone Gardens which are located on the most protruding point of the spur on which Ravello stands, one of the most important examples of English landscape and botanical culture in southern Europe.

The Beaches

Here are the beaches selected for you where dogs can access

Marina di Praia a Praiano Il Pirata The Furore Fjord The free beaches in Amalfi Laurito Beach Ferdinando Beach Club in Positano

Also remember that dogs are also accepted on board the ferries that take you to discover the Amalfi Coast and the Islands of Capri and Ischia.


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