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Renewable energy from lemons and oranges on the Amalfi Coast

Renewable energy project on the Amalfi Coast

At the Margherita Hotel we use lemon and orange peels for the production of renewable energy.

The lemon and orange peels that we use at the Hotel Margherita in Praiano become a source for the production of renewable energy on the Amalfi Coast .

Over time we have realized that a large amount of waste is produced in the hotel and a part of it could be reused and thus become an added value for a purpose of collective interest, in which all our guests indirectly participate. From breakfast to dinner, in our hotel and restaurant, oranges, lemons and coffee are products that are used intensively and the residues of these healthy products of the earth ended up in the waste.

For this reason, through an initiative of the Tourist District of the Amalfi Coast , we have begun to collect orange and lemon peels and coffee grounds in special containers that are collected daily by a specialized company that subsequently processes them and transforms them into electricity.

Almost a ton of waste product that we can reuse to produce almost 100 Kw of electricity which correspond to the energy needs to light 20 coastal homes every day.

Seen individually, our small daily commitment may appear meager, but as with all great challenges, it is the commitment of each one of us that, when added together, allows us to achieve unexpected results.

Also, many farms on the Amalfi Coast, such as that of our friend Salvatore Aceto where the splendid organic lemons are grown, have also undertaken the same path and this makes us very proud. We think it is a way to reward our Guests too and indirectly, by staying at the Hotel Margherita or by coming to our M'Ama Restaurant, they know they are contributing to a project of care for our planet, which for us it is already bearing fruit.

We just have to invite all guests to consume lots of freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice with serenity to contribute to a sustainable holiday, as well as the fact that the citrus fruits of the Amalfi Coast are delicious and are good for everyone’s personal and global health!

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