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That's why our restaurant on the Amalfi Coast is called M’Ama!

Sea view Restaurant Amalfi Coast ! M'Ama! Restaurant Praiano

Once upon a time, we asked ourselves how to name our sea view restaurant, in Praiano on the Amalfi Coast.

Once upon a time, we asked ourselves how to name our sea view restaurant, in Praiano on the Amalfi Coast. Things more or less went like this… It was a day at the end of April, we went to the terrace, walking between the tables, short before sunset, and sat down.

There was a light breeze, and the sky was starting to get darker, when in the silence of that moment, we heard the sea and saw the very first star in the night.

Surrounded by that scenery, our heart beating suggested the word “love”. Love is craziness, love is a dream, love is hope. Loving is to declare ourselves, waiting for an answer and hope to say… he/she loves me back! In Italian, m’ama! Sitting at that table we got our revelation: a sea view restaurant on the Amalfi Coast could have been the natural scenery for a love declaration, an engagement proposal, a wedding, or an important anniversary celebration.

What better name than M’ama! ?

We added an exclamation point to emphasize the joy, the emotion, and the surprise.

Surprise is maybe the same that welcomes our guests today, when entering our terrace, realizing to be in a different place than usual, romantic, and suggestive.

Without talking too much about it and loosing ourselves on praising the beauty of this place, we invite you to check it yourself, visiting our restaurant M’ama!, with the intention to give a new emotion, and pampering you with our Mediterranean cuisine tastes, reinvented by our chef.

At M'Ama! each product used in the kitchen is carefully selected from regional excellence and meets criteria of quality and attention to biodiversity, considered a real wealth of the area. For this reason, since 2022 our restaurant has joined the Slow Food Chefs' Alliance, with the desire to transmit knowledge, social cohesion, community building, sustainability of small-scale productions, enhancement of food artisans and winemakers of our rich region, Campania.

And if a casual glance made you fall in love, after serving the first course, we go back to the kitchen and keep eagerly awaiting.

It's up to us now, flipping through the daisy...

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