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The Cathedral of Amalfi

The Cathedral of Amalfi

Beyond the façade, a treasure to be discovered.


A few kilometres away from our hotel on the Amalfi Coast, there is one of its main attractions: Amalfi.

Best known as the most ancient of the Maritime Republics, this town was the most highly evolved in terms of navigation.

In fact the compass and the first maritime code, the famous Amalfi tables , written in the 11th century, were born right here. At the pinnacle of its trading empire, Amalfi had a long decline that started with the invasion by Pisa in 1135.

Lost for centuries in poverty and dereliction, it gained back its ancient splendour when Joseph Napoleon, charmed by the beauty of this corner of Italy, created the road that connects all of the Amalfi Coast.

Amongst all the places that are worth visiting in Amalfi, there is of course the Duomo of Amalfi, a monumental and evocative building raised at the acme of the town’s splendour and accessible through a beautiful staircase that dominates the square in front.

Inside the church, the Baroque style, the wonderful paintings and the statue of Saint Andrew stand out amongst other things.

However, what makes this visit unique is the Basilica del Crocifisso, dating back to 833 A.D., the most ancient heart of this complex of buildings, where you can also find the Chiostro del Paradiso – literally the cloister of heaven, that is the cemetery of the nobles of Amalfi – and the Museo Diocesano (The diocese museum).

The 120 marble columns that characterize the cloister recall the Arabian style and provide a wonderful show of lights when the rays of the sun touch them. Inside, precious sarcophaguses and valuable frescoes, like the painting of the Crucifixion of Christ by Roberto Oderisio.

And let us not forget about the Museo Diocesano, the museum that hosts the treasure of the cathedral of Amalfi, where you can see a lot of inestimable ancient objects, among which there is The Angevin Mitre (Mitra angioina), enriched with gold and precious stones.

During your stay at the Hotel Margherita of Praiano, ask information to our staff about visiting the Duomo of Amalfi!

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