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What to eat on the Amalfi Coast in autumn

What to eat on the Amalfi Coast in autumn

Discover the first fruits to taste on the autumn menu of our M’Ama Restaurant Praiano.

Among the seasonal food delights there is plenty of choice for those looking for some tips about what to eat on the Amalfi Coast in autumn.

The territory of the Amalfi Coast is par excellence a basket full of local gastronomic products varied in flavors and scents that enhance the dishes of the long Amalfi gastronomic tradition, a journey through the first fruits of the earth and the sea.

The Amalfi Coast is a crossroad of communities and small artisan productions of native products that give an exclusive value to the region with small-scale crops and farms. A rich discovery of one of the most celebrated and loved Italian places by the community of international travelers.

At the M'Ama Restaurant in Praiano, located on the panoramic roof top terrace of the Hotel Margherita, we have long embraced the philosophy that distinguishes the Slow Food Chefs Alliance and in our autumn menu, the dishes invite you to a gastronomic experience that praises the excellent ingredients of our Divina Costiera.

In our panoramic restaurant overlooking the sea, guests can taste how the products of the earth combine with those of the sea, in a constant dialogue of flavors that bind and complement each other. Food is the expression of our landscapes, from the mountains to the sea, passing through our vertical gardens and our terraced gardens.

Among the dishes on the autumn menu of the M’Ama Restaurant, many of the ingredients have the honor of being awarded by the Slow Food International Organization.

The Neapolitan papaccella, a pepper, with small berries, very fleshy and very tasty, used in our "Beer tempura with prawns, squid, anchovies, and cod with “neapolitan papaccelle” cream and fennel salad" from the Azienda Agricola Sodano.

The pesto of peschiole from the Verticelli farm used in our " Octopus seared with potatoes cream and Slow Food Peschiole Pesto”. A symphony of fragrance and taste, where the perfect balance between sweet and salty makes it a delicious, unusual, and refined. For this reason, we have chosen the combination with seared octopus that balances its fleshiness, without hiding its delicate taste.

Piennolo tomatoes from the Casale Pierpaolo farm are, on the other hand, used with our "Squid stuffed with potatoes, olives” And again, the Controne beans from the Ferrante farm, on this occasion, are combined with our "Monkfish in “porchetta” with cream of Slow Food Controne’s beans" and with our "Home-made Trofia pasta with pumpkin, monkfish", two dishes that enhance the contrast of bitter-sweet flavors.

A peculiar way to taste the pecorino di Carmasciano from the Filomena di Santo farm is to taste the "Beef raviolo alla genovese frosting with porcini mushrooms" or our "Selection of cheeses" which is also an ideal dessert. The peculiarity of Pecorino di Carmasciano is discovered in your mouth, sweet and very delicate, it leaves room for a spicy note and, in the finish, a slight sulfur aftertaste.

We complete this brief introductory roundup dedicated to the culinary delights to eat on the Amalfi Coast in autumn, with a wonderful fruit of our territory: the apricots of Vesuvius. Ours, coming from the Mario Parente farm, at this time of the year we love to offer them as a jam that accompanies raw fish.

Any dish of the autumn menu of the M’Ama Restaurant is created with the intention of praising the current season and local productions. The chef's choice of using these products in particular aims to offer always fresh seasonal products from the Amalfi Coast.

Each ingredient comes from our region and enhances the dedicated work of farmers, breeders, cheesemakers, winegrowers, brewers, and artisans who care about respecting and protecting their land and their animals.

We invite you to ENJOY a food and wine experience

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