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Zero Waste Green Hotel Margherita di Praiano

Zero Waste Green Hotel Amalfi Coast

Our green Hotel Margherita in Praiano adheres to the Zero Waste project on the Amalfi Coast. Find out how!

Zero Waste Green Hotel Margherita Praiano

Our green Hotel Margherita in Praiano adheres to the Zero Waste project on the Amalfi Coast which, through the network of the Amalfi Coast Tourist District, has set itself the goal of increasing eco-sustainable policies to protect the environment, through the recycling of waste that is produced daily by local tourist accommodation and restaurants.

It is an honor and a great commitment to be a "zero waste" hotel and in our own small way to help reduce the impact our business has on the environment. The "zero" waste objective carries within itself the commitment to reduce the waste of products as much as possible and collect part of them so that they can be used (therefore recycled) to produce new green resources for the benefit of collectivity.

In addition to having introduced a series of eco-friendly services and precautions for the guests of our hotel, we have adopted the “Zero Waste Hotel” project which, in collaboration with the Omega Consortium, leader in waste management.

We deeply believe in the opportunities that are created through the introduction of a virtuous cycle of re-use of by-products, such as lemon peel, orange peel, coffee residues, which in our hotel and restaurant are produced in copious quantities every year.

In recent years, in addition to having saved the equivalent of 12,000 plastic bottles in the minibar, providing our guests with tritan water bottles to fill with our water for free, we recycle the orange peels every week and lemons and, for every ton of recycled product, we allow to produce almost 100 Kw of electricity which correspond to the energy needs to light twenty coastal homes every day.

Finally, we collect all the cork caps from the bottles that are uncorked in the hotel and in our restaurant which are recovered through the collaboration with Amorim Cork Italia and with the non-profit organizations present on the Italian territory.

The caps collected go through a manual selection process, through which any waste capsules, cages or plastic caps are removed, and are shredded and destined for various uses, creating a new eco-sustainable raw material. This is how the creativity and talent of designers uses the new material to create unique interior design ideas and furniture as well as an ethic material for green building.


The Suber project was also born with the desire to return the cork used and transformed it into interior design objects for the vineries, creating a virtuous circle of circular economy whose origin starts from the cork woods, becomes a cork cap to protect the wine aging, until it becomes a refined furniture for the wine cellars.

We hope that our Guests can feel increasingly involved in this project and feel part of a form of eco-sustainable tourism, helping to enrich our territory through their holiday on the Amalfi Coast, and be part of a worldwide movement of travellers aware of the great benefits that everyone can produce for our planet, with small, significant daily gestures.

Read more about all our eco-sustainable policy.

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